About AAA High Quality Construction

AAA High Quality Construction is a complete general contractor based in Boston specializing in janitorial, general construction and remodeling. Our company offers Boston and Middlesex county a complete line of industrial, commercial and residential construction services. We provide professional construction contractors, handyman, cleaning, remodeling & maintenance solutions for your home or business.

We can design & build your dream home or improve it. We separate ourselves from typical contractors by bringing our commercial experience to the residential arena. Think you can’t have speed AND quality? Think again – AAA High Quality Construction will complete your project on average 20% faster than most contractors will and with an attention to detail you never thought possible.

AAA High Quality Construction can work closely with your architect or design professional in the early stages of a project to offer suggestions on materials and methods to optimize the economy of the project. When we are working with a completed design we can often offer alternative materials and/or methods of construction to save money or create a better value for the project.

The many repeat customers we serve best illustrate our continued commitment to customer satisfaction. Typically once we have completed our first project for a new client, they will choose to negotiate with us on future projects, comfortable in the knowledge that they are receiving the best quality at the best price. Contact us today for a project consultation!

Our Testimonial


I highly recommend AAA High Quality Construction as a contractor. Their craftsmanship is of the highest quality with extreme attention to detail. Alex and his crew worked tirelessly to renovate my home on the summer of 2012. They encountered many obstacles along the way, as expected from a house originally built in 1901, but they handled each situation with professionalism. Thanks again Alex for all your hard work and I wish you all the good luck.


Marques R.


I just want to take a minute to express my pleasure with the work performed building the new deck at my Natick house. Everyone who has seen it are impressed with the quality of work and the timely fashion that the work was completed. I myself am the one most pleased customer ever. Thanks Alex and all his crew.


John Sullivan